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What Can I Eat Now? 30 Days on the GAPS Intro Diet

E-book that outlines 30 days working through the stages of the Gut and Psychology Syndrome introduction diet along with essential information needed to prepare for your success.


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Yes, Add Gut-Healing Starter Pack for just $29

Upgrade to the GAPS Starter Pack for just $29 more ($249 value!) - includes 4 months of meal plans for full GAPS, Freezer Cooking Guide, and helpful videos. 

Listen to this from customer Valerie, "I’ve surrounded myself with a tribe to be able to pull this off. It’s like you are a member as I watch your videos and read all your info. You are one more person basically saying to me, “Look, it’s easy!” ... The information you provided was worth every penny. "

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What Can I Eat Now, 30 Days on the GAPS Intro Diet

From frustration to success...

Just wanted to reach out and let you know how much your website and your e-book (What Do I Eat Now?) helped me when I did GAPS Intro for IBS a while back. Now I have a friend that wants to do it and I'm referring her to your stuff. I was so sick and so overwhelmed when I did GAPS intro but I got through it and it helped me so much.

No questions from me, just a big THANK YOU! We tried dong the Intro not long ago and it was a disaster! This time round, I bought your book for Intro and even though we're only on the 3rd day, it's going so much better. My 1 year old loves it all and my 2 1/2 year old is actually eating the food this time. So I just wanted to say keep up the good work! I really appreciate it!

I am getting ready to start Intro Gaps next week and I have been busily reading and preparing for weeks but still felt some confusion. I just ordered your intro e-book and it’s great! It’s wonderful to have the information laid out so clearly, I think it will help a great deal with a smooth(ish) transition. I want to thank you for your work and for making it available to the the rest of us. Best, Ginger