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Yes, Add Gut-Healing Starter Pack for just $29

Add the Gut-Healing Starter Pack to get started on this powerful gut-healing diet with all my best GAPS resources- the Intro e-book, 4 months of GAPS meal plans, dozens of encouraging and helpful videos, and more.

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Picky Eating Solution

An easy-to-use course with step-by-step instructions to tackle picky eating from the root of the problem.

From a carb junkie to loving meat... Today is day 4 of the diet, and I cannot get my boys full. Even the 6-year-old is eating 3-4 helping of meat.

“Like clockwork, after 3 days he was eating until he was FULL at meals. No more waking up with a ‘stomachache’ that was really him being hungry because he just picked at dinner the night before. Totally worth it- it was just a few days of effort!” ~ Rachel, mom of 6, about her 7-year-old

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