Carivore Training Wheels

A surefire path to success for the first 10 days of the Carnivore Diet.

The Carnivore Training Wheels Class gets you through the hard part of the Carnivore Diet - the first 10 days.

Day-by-day, step by step, you're going to succeed in staying on the carnivore diet to get the results you long for.

Sign up now and take advantage instant access to the Carnivore Training Wheels Class starting now to give you time to prep for a delicious and healthy year!

You'll be sure to complete your goals because together we walk through the first 10 days of the carnivore diet with daily videos and recipes (quick and extended versions), a 30-day meal plan, and more.

The Carnivore Training Wheels Class Includes....

  • 4 carnivore prep videos to tell you how to get the best meat at the lowest price, why you need salt and electrolytes, how to get your mindset right for success, and how to set up your kitchen for success on carnivore for any budget.
  • 10 daily instructional/motivational videos for days 1-10 to give you a solid start and remind you why you're in this.
  • 10 recipe videos for meat using just meat and salt to make sure your meat is as delicious as possible!
  • A facebook group for like-minded interaction and Q&A
  • The 30-Day Carnivore Meal Plan (Printable PDF)
  • Continued motivational emails for the full first month
  • Lifetime access to the class materials so you can go back and get a motivational re-start whenever you need a pep talk!


For a limited time, get a bonus (shipped) paperback 30-Day Meal Plan with purchase of the Carnivore Training Wheels Class!

Hundreds of carnivore recipes for every version of the carnivore diet.

A tangeble reminder of your goals to keep progress and results at the tip of your fingertips.

Encourgement and transitioning tips to keep you on track.

* US only, international shipping please choose 'no paperback' option and use the savings to purchase from Amazon instead.

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Are you already in ketosis? No? It's time to start! Those who are in ketosis for a minimum of 4 weeks before starting the carnivore diet experience faster weight loss, less fatigue, and a much easier transition!  Sign up for the Keto Family Class and enter ketosis in as soon as 24 hours!  This class is also a must if you want delicious family-friendly low-carb recipes for others in your household that aren't quite ready for all the goodness the carnivore diet provides. 

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